For the Game's latest attempt to stay relevant at any cost, he's resuscitated his "beef" with Jay-Z (which Jay didn't really acknowledge then, either), adding a sycophantic new twist by begging the rapper-turned-mogul to beef with him to help promote his new album. Jay reportedly responded by saying he'd rather "Just let him commit suicide," Which is a real possibility if you remember this.

Not one to let a bad idea die, Game spoke with 104.7 on Wednesday and professed that he's "too disrespectful for Jay, I go to hard. His beef is mediocre beef, it's more swag and less hardcore. Me, I go in on your grandma, your kids and your girl. It will get ugly and I don't mind. I have a whole coast to back me. My coast will turn their backs on whoever I turn my back on."

First of all -- "Super Ugly" anyone? Condoms on Nas' baby seat? We're pretty sure Hova knows a thing or two about going hard. Pause. Secondly, as 50 once said, "NEWSFLASH! Nobody believes you." Last we checked, the West just put up with him because, well...rap kinda sucks lately and he picks good beats."I can be a fan of Jay, and still rip him limb from limb lyrically, and still be a fan," Game continued, defying all logic. "After I finish him off, I'm still going to listen to 'Reasonable Doubt' afterwards. I'll kiss Jay goodbye with his own lips. I'm going to make him mad enough to where he has to say something. Jay, I'm a make you so mad you gonna have to dis me."

Yes, and then millions of fans will respond by buying Game's album with his own money. What? He finally concluded with a shameless plea: "I need him to do it, I got an album coming out- help me." So that was weird. But then again, this time last year he was tattooing a butterfly on his face...

Listen to the radio interview here.