Controversy has surrounded Game's 'Red Nation' video even before its premiere, as the visual for his Lil Wayne-assisted single off his forthcoming 'The R.E.D. Album,' was banned from outlets MTV and BET. So what's all the hoopla about? Judging from the behind-the-scenes clip, it's not exactly clear why the rapper's work is being put on the chopping block.

In the video, the Compton rhymer explains the concept behind the title, which some critics may think is him paying homage to the Bloods gang he has been associated with in the past.

"Red Nation is kinda what hip-hop has turned into," Game explains. "When I came along, man, you kinda seen the color red, the bandanas, so I mean hip-hop has sorta been painted red. And who set the trend? That was me. You know, I embrace it and let everybody else embrace the rag and the color and so that's what it is. It's Red Nation.'"

The Parris-directed visuals showcase riot scenes, fire, explosions, and Game dressed in red Chuck Taylors and a red bandana, of course. While Weezy supports Game on the track, he's visibly absent from the behind-the-scene shots.

The 'Red Nation' video is set to premier today (May 12).

Watch Behind the Scenes of Game's 'Red Nation' Video
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