To coincide with G-Unit's reunion, which is celebrated on the current issue of XXL magazine, the publication has released a full-length documentary with hip-hop's ultimate crew. Exclusive interviews with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Kidd Kidd are included.

Unlike the previous two videos, which were more like clips from a Q&A session, this is a full-fledged documentary. Shot by Kellen Dengler at Fif's massive Connecticut mansion, the 25-minute doc features separate interviews with each of the G-Unit members and behind-the-scenes footage of the group's cover shoot.

In the film, 50 Cent talks about the group as a whole, Banks explains why he's the loner in the group, Buck recalls the infamous recorded phone call of him crying, Yayo explains 50's mood swings and Kidd Kidd offers his thoughts on being the new kid (pardon the pun) in the group.

By the way, all of the members speak highly of their fearless leader and each other as well.

Then Buck and Yayo gives viewers a tour of 50′s expansive Connecticut mansion, including the outside basketball court, game room, gym area and a strip club, where some of G-Unit's infamous wild parties were thrown back in the day.

If you have 30 minutes to spare, grab yourself a sandwich and a drink and enjoy XXL‘s full-length G-Unit documentary above.

G-Unit in the house.

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