Lowell Fletcher, a former G-Unit associate, was murdered on September 27 in New York. The 32-year-old rapper, who went by the name Lodi Mack, had been recently paroled after serving two years in prison for the 2007 assault of the 14-year-old son of Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, manager of rival rapper The Game, concurrent with a previous drug possession charge.

A reputed member of the Bloods, Fletcher was a member of Tony Yayo's entourage. Yayo was the initial suspect in the assault on Rosemond's son, who claimed Yayo and three other men approached him outside of his father's Bronx, N.Y., office. One of the men allegedly slapped the boy and threatened him with a gun because he was wearing a sweatshirt boasting the logo of Rosemond's company, Czar Entertainment. Yayo was arrested, but denied any involvement in the incident. He was released and assault charges were dropped after Fletcher pleaded guilty to the assault.

Fletcher was allegedly ambushed at 9:30PM on September 27 by several assailants on Jerome Ave. in the Bronx, where he was shot and killed. He had been paroled just two weeks before.

The day after the shooting, Yayo tweeted a message in Fletcher's memory, "R.I.P. Lodi Mack. Gone But Not Forgotten." The message was later deleted from his account, perhaps in an effort to distance himself from the incident.

Rosemond has served time in the past for assault and was implicated by the Los Angeles Times for involvement in Tupac's shooting at Quad studios. It would not be a stretch to presume that Fletcher's death could be an act of retaliation for the assault on his son.

It could have been almost anything, however, as sources say Fletcher had deep-running gang tie and the neighborhood where he was killed has a reputation for violent crime.

"On Jerome Ave., it could be lots of reasons -- or no reason," a source told the New York Daily News.