Look at any member of G-Unit's Twitter page -- 50 Cent (7.52 million), Lloyd Banks (879,000), Young Buck (293,000), Tony Yayo (298,000) and Kidd Kidd (48,500) -- and it's obvious the guys are hot in these social media streets. While they may not get to answer every fans' question -- or address the hate -- they're still in tune with the tweets.

There's talk of their solo careers (Banks' 'The Hunger for More' or Yayo's 'Thoughts of a Predicate Felon' still get spins), the group's dynamic on albums like 'Beg for Mercy' ('Stunt 101' and 'Wanna Get to Know You' are classics) and the bad vibes and beef (from Young Buck to Game).

Six years after they parted ways, hip-hop's favorite crew has reunited and the love is real. Just look at the smiles on their faces (yes, even Banks has one). The fans can feel the authenticity; this reunion isn't just for the cameras.

When G-Unit visited The Boombox, sans 50 Cent, we decided to head to Twitter to find out what the people are saying about these rap brothers -- for better or for worse. For this episode of 'Address the Tweets,' the four open up about their new project, 'The Beauty of Independence,' the upcoming full-length album, wack verses, jail talk and more.

How does Banks feel about being compared to Jadakiss and Fabolous? What about 50's thoughts on Kidd Kidd when he steps to the mic? Has Buck ever had a wack verse? And why was Tony Yayo doing all that tough talk from jail? Get involved in the conversation.

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