Many believe that money and success changes people, but the eating habits of rapper G-Eazy prove otherwise. While other artists may opt for reservations at five-star restaurants, the Bay Area native has decided to stick to the script, continuing to frequent the ramen shops that became a godsend during his initial days touring the country.

"Nah, man, ramen is a safe and dependable option in every city," G-Eazy tells The Boombox when asked if his choice in cuisine has expanded along with his bank account. "If you're in town for one day, you can ask around, you're really rolling the dice every time you go to eat, so ramen is a safe bet."

Noodles and broth may be up G-Eazy's alley, but he's not opposed to enjoying the finer things in life when in the presence of rap legends, nonchalantly adding, "I had steak with Jay Z the other night, though. We had steak and lobster. That's some s--- that I'll tell my grandkids about [some day], not that I'll ever have kids. But he paid the bill," laughs G-Eazy, before letting us in on the topics of choice during their evening pow wow. "We talked about gangster movies, we talked about basketball and he told a Suge Knight story. It was crazy."

What's even crazier is the buzz that G-Eazy has been able to maintain in a climate where artists are quickly pushed to the side and become yesterday's news. G-Eazy's 2014 debut album, These Things Happen, has earned an average of more than 5,000 copies sold each week since its initial release. Forbes magazine took notice of G-Eazy's hustle and sat down with the enterprising rapper to talk business late last year.

"It was definitely a good look, it was flattering that they were even paying attention [to me]," G-Eazy says of the profile. "We talked about the music business, the marketing side and the strategy and all of that. I believe I had a show in Chicago that day and the writer came to my green-room before the show. And we were all just chilling, getting ready for the show and having a couple drinks, had a conversation and it ended up in Forbes, that's crazy."

Dining with one of the most powerful men in music and sit-downs with Forbes could easily go to most artists' heads, but G-Eazy remains as focused as they come. And after spending the first portion of 2015 on the road headlining the From the Bay to the Universe Tour, he's currently on a mission to close the year out strong.

Listen to G-Eazy's "You Got Me"

His recent releases are proof of that. Take his new collaboration with Borgore, coincidentally titled "Forbes." The record, which features G-Eazy rapping over EDM-inspired production, has been making its rounds on the blogosphere since its release in early September. "We had a mutual friend, Carnage, [I've known] growing up for years and Borgore's known him for a long time and then we finally linked," explains G-Eazy when asked of his connection to the dub-step producer.

"I met Borgore in person, he came to a show of mine. He had a show in the same city the same night on my last tour and we kicked and just talked s---. And then a few months later, he sent me that record and I cut it as soon as I heard it. I've always been a fan of collaborating when it makes sense and making music with people you know and it comes from a genuine place."

"Forbes" may be a heater in its own right, but it's G-Eazy's new solo single, "You Got Me," that should raise his stock even higher. When asked about how the song came together, he credits his chemistry with its producer Southside, as well as his keen ear as the catalysts for its creation. "Me and him just clicked instantly, soon as we met each other," the 26-year-old recalls.

"We made a couple of songs, two of them are on the album and then we made the "Bitch You Got Me F---ed Up" record, we made that one in, like 15 minutes," he continues. "And I remember he was just going through his folder and he played that beat almost skipped it, he only played the first five seconds and I was like, 'Whoa, what the f--- is that? Go back, that beat's crazy.' And what I loved about it is that it's so minimal, it's so simple. And there's only three sounds, but it was the perfect tempo."

The "pretty ass white boy" (just listen to his new Vinylz-produced track "Say So") is currently working on his sophomore album to be released on RCA Records this fall. To get fans prepared for what's to come, he debuted three new tracks this week: the Marc E Bassy-assisted "Friend Zone," the mellow banger "Need You Now" (Travi$ Scott would sound at home here) and "Say So."

With his #EazySeason campaign of free music coming to a close and his sophomore album on the horizon, G-Eazy is primed to make the leap from promising upstart to budding superstar sooner than later. The Boombox will certainly be keeping a watchful on the Cali sensation.

Listen to G-Eazy's "Say So" 

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