Future's new surprise album HNDRXX has officially arrived.

After releasing his self-titled album last week, the Atlanta rapper has already returned with the album that he says he really wanted to make. Although Future featured no guest appearances, HNDRXX isn't far behind, with The Weeknd and Rihanna as the only two artists helping Future out on the 17-track project. The Weeknd shows up on "Coming Out Strong" while RiRi features on "Selfish."

"Who told u,you couldn't b exactly who u wanted to be? They lied,they wasn't bold they didn't have the ambition they didn't have the courage they was mislead they didn't believe in they self when no one else would they cared about what other people thought of them they gave up not knowing god wouldn't give u more than u could handle they didn't sew seeds they didn't have the passion they didn't have the drive they didn't tell u all of there flaws because they was scared of not being accepted by there peers they said I can't I tried I need help but not me #HNDRXX," he wrote on Instagram of the album.

Already, Future is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and if things go as planned, HNDRXX will too. If so, Future would become the first artist to debut at No. 1 in consecutive time frames.

Take a listen to the album below. You can order the album now on iTunes. Listen on Spotify here.

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