The day the #FutureHive has been waiting for has finally arrived. Future's long-awaited third album, DS2, is here.

After releasing three solid mixtapes including Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 Nights over the last year, Future elected to continue riding his Ferris wheel of success by releasing a cohesive opus. Since announcing the release date for DS2 -- Dirty Sprite 2 for the uniformed -- last week, he has been flooding the web with content.

His five-part documentary, Like I Never Left, has received positive reviews. Future, never one to open the gate to his mind, showcased a different side with journalist Elliott Wilson, speaking with candor regarding his muddy relationship with Ciara and highlighting his trials and tribulations as an artist. This speaks volumes to where he's at during this moment in his career.

In addition to opening up more publicly, Future's track record for creating songs that even those far removed from the trap can appreciate is honorable. His lead singles "F---Up Some Commas," "Real Sisters," and "Trap N----s" have thrust him into the upper echelon of hit-makers in rap. His new single, "Where Ya At," featuring Drake, may serve as the proverbial cherry on top.

Check out the track list for DS2 below and if you're one of the last #FutureHive members to do so, purchase the album on iTunes. Will all of Future's hard work land him a No. 1 album next week? Stay tuned.

Future’s DS2 Track List

1. “Thought It Was a Drought”
2. “I Serve the Base”
3. “Where Ya At” feat. Drake
4. “Groupies”
5. “Lil One”
6. “Stick Talk”
7. “Freak Hoe”
8. “Rotation”
9. “Slave Master”
10. “Blow a Bag”
11. “Colossal”
12. “Rich $ex”
13. “Blood On The Money”
14. “Trap N—-s”
15. “The Percocet & Stripper Joint”
16. “Real Sisters”
17. ”Kno The Meaning”
18. “F— Up Some Commas”

Listen to Future's Dirty Sprite 2 Album

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