New year who dis? Future recently went on Instagram and deleted all of his pictures and unfollowed everyone... everyone except longtime friend DJ Esco who coincidentally only follows Future on Instagram.

Future then went on Twitter to announce that in 2017 nobody is safe. While everyone on Twitter tried to figure out exactly what he was talking about, DJ Esco is probably the only one who knows.

Future making such a bold announcement on social media could mean a new album is in the works. Future hasn’t released a solo project since he released Purple Reign and EVOL back in January and February of 2016. Future has worked with just about every popular rapper—from Drake, to Gucci Mane, to Jay Z— so if it's beef that he has, all eyes are completely on him to see if he will single anyone out.

While he's left everyone wondering what 2017 holds, Future certainly had a great 2016, teaming with Drake on the Summer Sixteen Tour which reportedly grossed 1 million per night. So the cryptic message could simply mean that he will be more focused on his work this year.

However, thanks to Meek Mill, whenever a rapper makes an announcement on social media we know there is a good chance 140 character shots will soon be fired.


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