When Future tweeted out in January that in “2017 Nobody’s Safe” he really meant it. Although the Atlanta rapper’s self-titled album will arrive at midnight, the LP was released early today (Feb. 16) outside of the U.S.

As we previously reported, the album has no featured guests - Future Hendrix is going dolo on 17 songs. However, one track people are going bonkers over is “Rent Money," which is produced by Beat Bully.

If you do a hard Google search you could probably find an illegal download. Fans who have heard the song say Future is rapping the hardest bars ever in his career. According to lyrics from Genius, the 33-year-old spits acidic lyrics at rappers, possibly his baby mother Ciara, Scottie Pippen and anyone who ever frowned at his music.

"I f---ed this R&B bitch, I should thank you / Yeah, I was sippin’ my codeine from the beginnin’ / She jocked my whole team, she seen who’s winnin’ / We light Liv up on a Sunday, come see us livin’," he raps.

But his most savage line comes when he alludes to sleeping with a baller's wife. "Gimme pounds, gimme bricks, I’m a nuisance / I make the blogs with ya bitch cause I’m ruthless / I make the blogs with ya bitch cause I’m ruthless / Yeah, I get cash money like I’m Mack Maine / I just put a rapper bitch on game / I be smokin’ rapper weed with my gang / I just slam dunked ya bitch hall of fame," he spits.

Fans are shocked by the savagery Future is displaying on "Rent Money." "RENT MONEY MIGHT BE ONE OF THE HARDEST FUTURE TRACKS EVER BRO IM ABOUT TO FIGHT EVERYBODY," tweeted one person. Another user wrote, used fire emojis to describe the fiery lyrics on the track.

“I want you to hear this and be like, ‘Man he gave us all of him. He let everything out,’” Future said in a recent interview on Zane Lowe's World Record program on Beats 1. “You ain’t get it from a tweet. If there was a tweet that I felt like saying at the time, you’ll be able to hear it in the music.”

Listen to Future's interview below.

Listen to Future Interview on Zane Lowe's World Record Program

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