Future's 'S---' video ended with him tensely staring into the camera while standing by an ambulance. A lot of people would feel the same way, too, if they knew they were going to have an encounter with Miley Cyrus... in space.

In a sneak peek of his visual 'Real and True,' the rapper finds himself in a sci-fi atmosphere that seems not too far off from the one seen in the movie 'Aliens.' Think about the social media maelstrom that would follow if Cyrus actually shoots acid at Future.

Anyway, a suspiciously pale-skinned Cyrus is seen waking up dressed in a spacesuit, while Hudson Mohawke -- who's also in a spacesuit -- is unconscious elsewhere. Intense action sequences flash onscreen while 'Real and True' serves as the soundtrack.

The 'Real and True' video premieres on MTV at 6:55PM Nov. 10.