Future has released the title track and lead single for his upcoming sophomore release, 'Honest,' after premiering the single during a midnight uStream session with his fans.The song is certainly as catchy as any of Future's previous singles, the Atlanta native making effective usage of repetition to get his point across. His honesty is a confident one, saying, "I came up shootin' dice I'm just honest/Name another n---a hot I'm just honest." Meanwhile, the beat from Metro Boomin is pretty standard fare for the 19-year-old upstart producer; synths and crisp 808s. It's certainly not adventurous, but it gets the job done and should get the clubs "turnt up" in the coming months.

Future has had fans eagerly awaiting his sophomore album for months now. Initially titling it 'Future Hendrix,' he just announced yesterday that the album will be called 'Honest' and will be coming out Nov. 26. In the lead up to the record, the Atlanta native will perform on the Would You Like a Tour? with Drake and Miguel. Listen to the new track below.