Future is winning today, both on the internet and off. After announcing his Monster vs. Beast Mode tour, a ridiculously hilarious meme featuring the rapper has taken over Twitter.

#FutureHive is currently heating up the tweets and his legion of supporters are to thank for keeping his name buzzing. Just like Beyonce's fans have coined themselves the BeyHive, now Future Hendrix's stans are doing the same by taking a page from Queen Bey's fan book.

The Monster creator's aficionados are taking his face and photoshopping it onto a variety of popular figures' bodies including Jesus, Rocky Balboa and Martin Luther King, Jr., to name a few. After dropping mixtapes like Monster, Beast Mode and 56 Nights to critical acclaim, fans are putting their rap king up on the pedestal they think he deserves by using hilarious memes to drive their point home.

"Let there be light, so the great one said Turn on the light," reads one meme accompanying an image of Future as Jesus, while another reads, "Long as they print it my n----s gon get it," with the rapper's face on a 100 dollar bill.

Read some of the more comical #FutureHive memes and check out dates for Monster vs. Beast Mode Tour below.

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