Jay Z once boasted that he "could make 40 [thousand] off a brick, but one rhymer could beat that. Atlanta trap star Future reportedly gets more than triple that amount for only a 45 minute show.

TMZ obtain the rapper's tour rider for a concert in December 2014 and it revealed that the Astronaut Kid received $150,000 for his appearance. But in addition to his time being so costly in terms of currency, the DS2 creator is very particular about the items that promoters must provide to ensure that he remains in his zen state of mind before the show.

Among his requests are four bottles of Ace of Spades, Ciroc and Moet, as well as other beverages for him and his crew. His food choices are less extravagant, with chicken fingers, cheddar popcorn and broccoli on the menu, presumably to sop up all the liquor and Dirty Sprite consumed.

Two items on Future's rider that may surprise some fans are powdered doughnuts and scented candles, preferably lemongrass, proving that even a trapper like Future enjoys a refreshing environment and comfort food.

Since this is an old rider from last December, we are quite sure Future’s food demands are more extravagant and even sweeter considering he likes powered doughnuts so much.

Oh, What a Time to Be Alive.

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