Yesterday, Maroon 5 dropped their new single "Cold" featuring Future. Shortly after the release, Vevo premiered the video, which stars the band's lead, Adam Levine.

The video opens with Adam driving when he gets a call with a request to stop by Future's house who is hosting a party to hear his portion of the song. While Adam is reluctant to go, Future himself calls and Adam pretends to be excited. Levine finally gets to Future's house and orders a drink. His drink gets spiked and the party takes an interesting turn.

The drugs begin to take effect once Levine returns from the bathroom, and the entire party looks like a cross between a rave and a Halloween party. As Adam works his way through the trippy party he sees everything from floating police cars to women dressed up in animal suits.

Levine eventually finds himself sitting in front of Future without knowing how he got there. After looking around, Levine takes notice that the once crowded party is now empty with only two older women and an aged Future. Eventually, the drugs wear off and he makes his way back home to a sleeping wife and tells her all about his adventure.

Watch how it all goes down in the video above. The single is available on iTunes.


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