Notorious B.I.G. and white suburbia don't have much in common, but put the two together and you get hilarious results.

"The Smalls Family" is a new web series by Funny or Die user davecat, which shows the inner workings of a nuclear family, with the caveat that they only speak in lyrics from Notorious B.I.G. tracks, including "Warning," "Big Poppa" and "Going Back to Cali."

Blasphemous? Maybe a little, but we're sure you can handle it.

And while Biggie's lyrics aren't usually good for a laugh, that's what we love about Funny or Die -- they can (and do) take pretty much any bizarro concept and make it funny. Or they die. That's how Funny or Die works, right?

Watch Episode 1 below.

Watch Episode 1 of Funny or Die's "The Smalls Family"

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