While Fugees fans might be disappointed by Pras Michel's recent comments that the ground-breaking hip-hop group's plans to reunite for an album have fallen through, Michel tells Popeater his real concern is for former band mate Lauryn Hill. "I'm praying for Lauryn Hill," he says. "She went AWOL [and] to be honest with you, I don't really care as much as I do for her mental stability. It's more important for her to be mentally stable. She's like a little sister of mine. I'd much rather her mental be correct than be thinking about Fugee records."

Part of the rapper's empathy comes from his experience living on Los Angeles' Skid Row, which was the subject of a documentary of the same name. "It changed my life," he says of the experience. "Living down on a sidewalk and panhandling gave me a different perspective on life. That's why I can sit here and tell you the Fugees don't mean much compared to her mental health."

Perhaps the experiences Michel -- who will release a new single in two weeks, followed by the album 'Pop Life' in February -- has had with Hill, give him insight into reportedly troubled pop stars. Prior to the MTV VMAs in Vegas, Michel went a little Nostradamus with his thoughts on Britney Spears. "I know Britney Spears is the big talk," he told Popeater at the time. "I hope she do her thing, but I think it gonna be a train wreck. That's my prediction."

Let's hope his concern for Hill yields better results.