It has been 20 years since the untimely death of the Notorious B.I.G. and his music lives on. Biggie didn't have a long list of music videos because his career was so short (as unbelievable as that seems given his tremendous continued impact), but every video he made certainly told a story.

Since his death, Biggie has been the subject of a biopic and countless TV projects. It’s also recently been confirmed that a Biggie documentary is on the way.

The doc, tentatively titled Notorious B.I.G.: One More Chance, will focus on Biggie’s musical impact around the world. This won’t be the first time that a film focusing on the legendary rapper will hit movie screens. While 2009’s biopic, Notorious, received lukewarm reviews, fans are hopeful that this documentary will shine a little more brightly on Biggies impact. Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mother, is in full support of the upcoming film.

Even after 20 years, the world remains fascinated by Christopher Wallace. And it starts with the music and he showcased his talent in some classic videos. We've ranked his best music videos, from the classic "Juicy" to the star-studded "One More Chance."

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    "Can't You See"


    It wasn't even his song or his video, but the Notorious B.I.G. laced Total with one of the best guest verses of all time and kicked off their video in swagged-out style. Biggie's appearance helped make the song a hit, and he and Puffy showed off their famous camaraderie in the vid alongside Bad Boy's R&B trio.


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    "Dolly My Baby"

    Super Cat

    Before he was Big Poppa, Biggie Smalls was an unknown rapper guesting on this 1993 hit from Super Cat. Featured on the "Bad Boy Extended Mix," it marked Biggie's first video appearance--and the first time the world heard this guy "Puff Daddy" rap.

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    "Player's Anthem"

    Junior M.A.F.I.A.

    After he became a superstar in 1994, Biggie put on his crew. Junior M.A.F.I.A. featured several of Big's Brooklyn compadres, most notably Lil Cease and soon-to-be-star Lil Kim. Both Cease and Kim are prominently featured on this, the debut single from Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Kim's first major appearance.

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    Big was not only a story-teller in his music he made sure his videos mirrored what he rapped about. He turned the video for "Warning," into the juiciest phone conversation that kept fans watching because everyone wanted to know if BIG was gonna get ran up on.

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    "Birthday's was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirsty." That line has probably been used over a million times to describe a success story. The video and song told the story of Biggie's struggles and his success. "Juicy" is so Brooklyn and so hip-hop, it's the hood American dream.

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    "Big Poppa"

    One of Biggie's signature songs that still gets regular radio play, "Big Poppa" is also one of his most memorable videos—the red tint on the camera, the club scene, Puffy in bathtub, once again, drinking champagne with a bunch of women—classic.

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    "Get Money"

    Junior M.A.F.I.A.

    Can we really have a list with Biggie without mentioning Lil Kim? With all the drama that went down between them, Junior Mafia's "Get Money" video was art imitating life. This video was dope because it showcased a male and female perspective musically and visually.

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    "Sky's the Limit"

    Biggie was tragically murdered just before the release of his second album, Life After Death. As a result, B.I.G. only appeared in one of the album's videos. But the best posthumous Biggie video was undeniably this one, which featured a young cast of child actors portraying kiddie versions of Biggie, Lil Kim, Puffy and 112. It was a cuddly visual to fit the song's aspirational subject matter.

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    "One More Chance"

    In 1995, star-studded videos were still a novelty in hip-hop, and this hit remix single from Biggie sported one of the most celeb-filled vids of the 1990s. Faith, D-Nice, Mary J. Blige, Tyson Beckford, Zhane, Luke Campbell, Da Brat, Patra, Changing Faces, Jermaine Dupri and the dearly departed Heavy D and Aaliyah all make appearances in this classic clip.

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    "Hypnotize" was a movie! BIG had helicopters, a yacht, motorcycles, mermaids, and high-speed car chase where Puff is driving in reverse while BIG is rapping. This video was the hip-hop version of a James Bond flick and one of the most expensive and ambitious vids of the 1990s.

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