The jookin’ movement was all but unheard of outside of Miami until earlier this week when DJ Khaled dropped “To The Max” feat. Drake. The fast-paced hip-hop subgenre was an underground movement in Miami Dade and Broward County from 2006-2009. But this isn't the case anymore since DJ Khaled just took the sound worldwide -- whether Miami likes it or not.

While some South Florida hip-hop fans have voiced their disapproval of Drake rhyming over the Miami sound, others are hype to see the once hyperlocal sound reach an audience as big as Khaled’s.

Either way, DJ Khaled’s “To The Max” is certainly bringing Miami heads back to those days of boppin’ and jookin’ in the halls of high schools and popular hangouts like the flea market, Carol Mart or Galaxy Skateway, where nights were spent gliding to these sounds.

Whether you’re new to the jook movement or ready to put your nostalgia in full effect,
check out 10 classic songs from Miami Dade (305!) and Broward County (954!) below.

  • 1

    "Stick Drill"


    If you didn’t know how to jook, IceBerg’s “Stick Drill” taught us how to dance to it. “Let me see you go up and down / back and forth / round and round,” he rapped as he described dance moves seen in a compilation video posted by DJ Khaled himself.

  • 2

    “Stick & Roll”


    Produced by Piccalo’s manager, Ghetto Style, “Stick & Roll” is one of the most popular songs to come out of the jook era. It was in this track that the Miami rapper made sure to tell everybody that “you can stop my vibe.”

  • 3

    “I’m So High”

    Grind Mode

    Remember when we mentioned Galaxy Skateway and nostalgia? This song captures all of those vibes as it’s one of the best songs to roller skate to -- especially if you're with a special someone. The Grind Mode classic is a bit slower than most jook songs but the vibe is still in tact for dancers to jook to.

  • 4

    "Lip Bitin' Animal”


    Bizzle took jook and made it sound sexy. In his track, “Lip Bitin Animal, he made sure to proclaim that “n----- don’t dance, we jook.” It’s in this song that he talks about being fresh and clean as gears up to bite some lips. The Miami rapper was unfortunately shot-and-killed back in 2012, but his vibe live on with us forever. #RIPBizzle.

  • 5

    “She’s All The Way Live”

    Militant Military

    Before we got lit, we were “all the way live” in Miami. This track by Militant Military made sure to keep the parties hype as they talked about bad bitches being well, bad bitches and doing things that bad bitches do.

  • 6

    “Im Throwed Off”

    Hustle Holicz

    If you’re feeling a little off, Hustle Holicz’ “I’m Throwed Off” might be what you need. In the track, the group raps about how they feel like they fell off. Ironically, it was this song that put them on the map. Now everybody shout: “Black hat, black shades, I’m throwed!”

  • 7

    “Pull Out The Stick”

    NMB Stunnaz

    Yes, this track kicks off with actual gun shots but we’d be lying if we told you we weren’t ready to dance when it came on. The NMB Stunnaz track is a certified party track -- as long as no one actually “pulls out the stick.”

  • 8


    Ball Greezy

    In Ball Greezy’s “Shone” he raps about wanting to find a shone aka a promiscuous person. The chill vibe of the song allows people to dance or sit back and “cake.” The rapper later remixed the song with Rick Ross.

  • 9



    Before we were using #mood, we vibed. In Piccalo’s track “Vibin,” he gives us a chance to do just that as he raps about “jookin and vibin” and being “in the zone.” Our favorite line? “I got my hater blockers, I don’t see none of ya’ll!”

  • 10

    "Gone Jook"

    Don P

    Although Don P is from the panhandle of Florida instead of the South, this track “Gone Jook” is a jam. While jook music never took off during its peak, it was songs like this that reminded us that we forever “gone jook.”

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