French Montana has enlisted some of rap's biggest names on "Pop That," the lead single from his forthcoming Bad Boy debut Excuse My French, which hits shelves July 17.

Playing off Lex Luger's frenetic 2 Live Crew-sampling production, French, Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross wax lyrical about the strip club, highlighted by a particularly visual verse from Wayne. His lines include such raunchy material as, "I make that pussy spit like Bone/ I'm talkin' 'bout Bone, Bone Bone Bone," and "On my Proactiv shit, pop that pussy like a zit."

A video for the single was shot in Miami over Memorial Day weekend
. Expect to see a lot of strippers making out.

"This shit is classic," Drake said, in a behind the scenes video from the video set. "Miami shit as only French could do. Shout out to Uncle Luke."

Listen to French Montana's "Pop That" Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake & Rick Ross

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