Freddie Gibbs (real name Frederick Tipton) was released on bail in Austria on Thursday, Aug. 18 after being charged with sexual assault, a Vienna court spokeswoman said according to Reuters.

According to a Vienna criminal court spokeswoman, Gibbs was freed on bail of 50,000 euros ($56,560) and had to surrender his passport. The rapper is accused of allegedly administering knock-out drops to a woman in July 2015, and abusing the woman while she was in a "defenseless state.”

Yesterday (Aug. 17), it was reported that Gibbs had been officially charged, though the Indiana rapper's lawyers have adamantly denied the accusations.

“While Freddie Gibbs was charged with an offense today, it remains only an allegation, and it does not in any way change the actual facts that Freddie Gibbs is 100% innocent,” he said in a press release. “He continues to pursue every available means to demonstrate that he is absolutely innocent and that he has been both belatedly and wrongly accused.”

If convicted, Freddie Gibbs faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.


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