After dropping his surprise EP Pronto last month, Freddie Gibbs releases a video for the title track, which is both eye-catching and weird.

Most of the visual finds the 32-year-old laying down in a bathtub with snakes crawling all over him. He also puffs away on some weed while being catered to by topless women.

Simplicity is key here but that doesn't mean the video lacks imagination. Those snakes don't go unnoticed. Gibbs also delivers a strong performance and throws in some 2pac references for good measure ("Thug life never die, n----").

"Y'all know, yeah, y'all know / We don't got no convo with the 5-0 / Main bitch and side ho, a combo / Took 'em to the condo, pronto / Half Indian, I called her Tonto," he rhymes.

In addition, the newly engaged spitter has an incredibly tight flow on the song and delivers some refreshing cadence. In an interview with Epilogue magazine, Freddie said creating brand new styles and flows has been his plan all along.

"I think I'm actually shaping and forming a new flow, a new form of rap," he said. "I don't think nobody rap like me, and if a n---- rap like me, it was probably ten years ago or something like that. I'm a fan of rap, but I've never heard a rapper that sound like Freddie Gibbs."

Watch Freddie Gibbs keep the snakes in check above.

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