UPDATE: Freddie Gibbs' attorney issued a statement regarding the rapper's extradition to Austria. Read below.

Freddie Gibbs appeals to stop his extradition to Austria has come up short. According to reports, the Indiana rhymer was deported from France to Austria and has been held in prison since last Sunday (July 31).

According to Orf.at, Gibbs is in custody at Austria’s Josefstadt prison. The newspaper states that the 34-year-old rapper is being accused of allegedly drugging two women and raping one of them. This doesn’t necessarily mean Austrian officials have conclusive evidence to charge Gibbs, but they will question him about these serious allegations.

Gibbs' legal nightmare started back in June where he was taken into custody before a scheduled concert performance in Toulouse, France on alleged rape charges. French authorities said they were acting on an arrest warrant for the rapper for a rape that allegedly happened in 2015.

Gibbs was taken into custody but was released from a prison in Toulouse on $55,000 bail while appealing his extradition to Austria. However, the French Supreme Court confirmed the extradition of Gibbs to Austria in July.

One of Freddie Gibbs’ attorney, Theodore Simon, issued a statement regarding Freddie Gibbs' extradition to Austria. It reads:

"Mr. Freddie Gibbs while free on bail in France voluntarily withdrew his procedural extradition appeal. He did so to work cooperatively with authorities to assure a smooth transfer to Austria and to further enhance the opportunity for an expedited decision on the merits. Freddie has faithfully abided by all terms and conditions of his release and transfer set by the Court. He continues to pursue every available means to demonstrate that he is absolutely innocent and that he has been both belatedly and wrongly accused.

To be clear and accurate, to date Freddie Gibbs has not, we reiterate, Freddie Gibbs has not been charged with any offense. An investigation is continuing. Mr. Gibbs remains hopeful that a thorough and searching investigation will reveal the actual facts, including the absence of any scientific, physical, or credible evidence implicating him, thereby paving the way for his exoneration and return to his family and one-year old child.

Consistent with the available legal practices and procedures in Austria, Mr. Gibbs will ask the Court to release him on bail, under reasonable terms and conditions, as was done in France. Through counsel Mr. Freddie Gibbs has consistently remained fully cooperative with law enforcement offices and judicial systems in both France and Austria and will continue to do so."
-- Theodore Simon, An attorney for Freddie Gibbs

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