Logic is gearing up to release his new album, Everybody, but it's drawn the ire of one person in particular— Freddie Gibbs.

Gibbs recently went on Instagram to voice his frustrations, saying that Logic is "blatantly jocking" the concept for his upcoming album, You Only Live 2wice, which drops on Friday.

“Dear @logic301 I hope you purchase my album on Friday due to the fact that you just blatantly jocked my s---. Blessings. #ESGN #YOL2 3/31," Gibbs captioned his post.

Both Gibbs and Logic's album art and trailers do appear to have some major similarities, as they use similar historic European paintings on their covers as inspiration. As far as the album trailers, both Gibbs and Logic feature tourists coming up to their album artwork in a museum, looking closely at the details. It's unclear whether this is a case of stealing, or just a simple coincidence, as Logic has reportedly been working on the cover of his Everybody album for the past six months with painter Sam Pratt.

The artist went on social media to share the concept of Logic's artwork, explaining how he got a phone call from Logic at three in the morning while he was at the Louvre museum in Paris.

Hopefully these two can work out their differences. See below for the similarities between Gibbs and Logic's projects.

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