Freddie Gibbs Drops ESGN Early Freddie Gibbs has been launching a promo campaign for his long-awaited project, ESGN, which stands for "Evil Seeds Grow Naturally." Never known for biting his tongue on any issue, Gibbs has been asked repeatedly by interviewers in the last two weeks about Young Jeezy, who had signed the Gary, Indiana native to his CTE imprint. Apparently, the deal between Gibbs and Jeezy soured, as Gibbs has called Jeezy fake and dishonest, amongst other terms. However, despite the simmering beef, Gangsta Gibbs continues to drop dope music.In the last week, he released a music video for "Eastside Moonwalker," a song that finds Gibbs buttery smooth flow attack and coast over a left-field beat that has an airy vibe while still offering a familiar thump. While "ESGN" was scheduled for a June 9 release, the project has inexplicably come out earlier on iTunes and DJ Booth. Stream it below and check out the video for "Eastside Moonwalker" as well.

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