Fred The Godson and Dave East teamed up for Fred's new cut "G5," where both MCs go in over a catchy horn loop.

"I bought a watch off the sumo bars / I show the band in my videos, Bruno Mars / You know God, I skip to the whip, reverse and draw fours like Uno cards," he spits.

Dave comes up next and delivers his usual solid delivery with that memorable, raspy voice he has, and Fred said he was the perfect person to get on the song.

"The inspiration was straight gutter, New York City hip-hop," he told XXL. "The beat calls for that. I had to get my boy Dave East on this ... This song will be featured on my upcoming mixtape Gordo, going to be released everywhere on Aug.18."

In addition, Fred said he's done taking sabbaticals, and he's ready to do music again full-on.

"No vacation, no days off. I am ready," he said. "I took the past few years to do a lot of writing, getting in the studio and working on projects with other people. Do some different things. 2017 is the reintroduction of Fred The Godson. I have projects in the pipeline and am ready to go nonstop. It's Time."

You can peep the new "G5" cut below.

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