Luck is on Foxy Brown's side as the 31-year-old rapper headed to trial on Tuesday (July 12) but was handed a dismissal on charges she violated an order of protection by mooning a neighbor last year.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Walsh dismissed the case, which brought a misdemeanor contempt of court charge against Brown, born Inga Marchand, after the victim in the case, Arlene Raymond, refused to testify during the trial.

According to the NY Post, Assistant D.A. Robert Isdith revealed that Raymond wasn't interested in pursuing the incident. "She wanted this matter behind her," Isdith stated. "She wanted to drop the charges."

Foxy Brown had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge. If Raymond did show and testify, the rhymer's lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo planned to use the "underwear defense" had the case gone to trial. "On the day [of the alleged mooning incident], she was not wearing any underwear," Strazzullo claimed.

On the other hand, Arlene Raymond reported Brown removed her panties when she mooned her.

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