With Jay-Z and Kanye West's 'Watch the Throne' album currently ruling the charts, similar collaborative concepts keep coming out of the woodwork, but Foxy Brown has revealed perhaps the most surprising one: an album that would have paired the deep-voiced Brooklyn MC with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige.

During a dismal-looking concert appearance in Newark, N.J., Foxy revealed that she and Mary had recorded five songs towards an album entitled 'Best of Both Girls,' a play on Jay-Z and R. Kelly's original superstar collaboration album.

"People don't know, me and Mary J. Blige recorded five records for an album called 'The Best of Both Girls,' like Jay and R. Kelly did 'The Best of Both Worlds,'" Foxy announced, before revealing the unfortunate circumstance that derailed their recording process. "Mary's like a big sister to me, and in the middle of recording those records, I lost all my hearing."

According to Fox, Blige's 2005 single 'Enough Cryin'," which introduced the R&B diva's rapping alias Brook-Lynn, was originally intended to feature Foxy, but due to the loss of her hearing, she was unable to record her part.

"When you hear Mary in the video like, 'You turned your back and back I came running, but the simple fact is that you ain't want me,' that was me," Foxy continued to explain. "Mary had enough respect to say, 'Listen, before I go get another rap bitch to do your part, I'ma call myself Brook-Lyn and I'ma learn your part and I'ma go in and rap it for you.'"

In other Foxy Brown news, the Ill Na Na's brother Gavin Marchand was charged with felony identity theft last week, for using phony credit cards on a shopping spree. He faces two-and-a-half to five years prison time if found guilty.

Watch Foxy Brown Talk 'Best of Both Girls'

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