Singer Marsha Ambrosius, one-half of the defunct duo Floetry, will release her debut solo album, 'Late Nights & Early Mornings' on March 11. While she heads into the spotlight alone, her career started in the late '90s with former group member, Natalie Stewart, who she says she doesn't talk to anymore. The singers went their separate ways five years ago and have not been in contact since.

"I haven't spoken to her since the end of '06," Ambrosius told The BoomBox. "It wasn't a good thing at all." Once as tight as sisters, Ambrosius says they went through their fair share of trials and tribulations after finding early success in the music business. "We're two very different people who live very different lives," Ambrosius explaned. "We were babies when we got here. I wrote 'Say Yes,' when I was 22. That's like a baby to me. I wrote 'Getting Late,' 'Hey You' and 'If I Was a Bird,' when I was 19. I had these songs sitting there, and when they were ready to be what they were, Floetry happened and that was because we were two solo artists that happened to do something at the same time that worked very well together."

"Being apart was like, 'Okay, I don't have to agree or not agree with anyone else. It's 100 percent how I feel,' and [my solo album] 'Late Nights & Early Mornings,' is a direct reflection of that freedom."

The London-based twosome, busted onto the neo soul music scene stateside back in 2002, courtesy of their album 'Floetic.' While Stewart acted as the "floacist" performing spoken word, Ambrosius, dubbed the "songstress," and added a sultry melody to their music. After breaking up, Stewart was replaced by TV personality, Amanda Diva. Despite their separation, Ambrosius remains open to possibly getting back together, but remains focused on her solo career. "Whatever happens, happens," she says. "I'm comfortable being Marsha Ambrosius right now."

Watch Floetry's 'Say Yes'

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