FKA Twigs travels the somber road on her new track, 'Pendulum.'

"So lonely trying to be yours / What a forsaken cause / So lonely trying to be yours / When you're looking for so much more," she coos sadly.

The slight drum roll mixed with a bit of snare counteracts the smoothness of the minimal synth melody. Yet, the beat has a very mechanical speed with very distinct pauses, adding more of a desperate effect. This makes sense as it's clear from the lyrics that the chanteuse details a love lost.

FKA Twigs' approach to music, visuals and overall style is quite eccentric. As heartbreaking and moody this song is, it's definitely a win for this U.K. breakout artist.

'Pendulum' is the latest song off her upcoming album, 'LP1,' arriving Aug. 12. She released her video for 'Two Weeks' last month and has been busy working on other projects like Lucki Eck$'s video for 'Ouch Ouch.'

You can pre-order 'LP1' or purchase one of the limited edition 'Two Weeks'/'Pendulum' 12-inch LPs on her website now.

Listen to FKA Twigs' 'Pendulum'