Avant-garde artist FKA twigs has achieved enormous critical acclaim for her debut studio album, LP1, but she has outgrown the media attention already -- she's even thought of refusing to do interviews for good. In her cover story for Paper magazine's "Nowstalgia" issue, the 27-year-old singer talks about the turmoils of fame, Taylor Swift and having babies, among other topics.

But before we get into the interview, let’s talk about the eye-popping black-and-white cover. The U.K. native wears a black bodysuit, which reveals her muscular legs and thighs. And we're still trying to figure how she’s standing on her tippy toes with those tall wooden platform sandals.

In the revealing interview, Twigs explains that she's still learning how to deal with fame and communicating with other people.

"I need to get better at being in front of the camera, not feeling awkward if I go on the red carpet," she states. "Or when it’s one of those moments where you’re suddenly the center of attention. It’s fine like this - if you’re talking to me, I don’t feel awkward. But if it’s loads of people, like, ’twigs! twigs!’ I don’t...I need to get better at that. I need to get better at talking to people in groups. If I go to a party or dinner party, not feeling like I have to be really quiet. I need to get better at texting people back."

In relation to that, the British entertainer says she loves to connect with her "people" (aka her fans). “I’m happy that people can roll with me, give me a chance, and let me explain my songs through my visuals," she states. "But I don’t even like calling fans 'fans.' It’s like, [pulls face] Ugh, fans. [laughs] It’s just people that like your music.”

However, FKA twigs insisted that she's not interested in achieving fandom that reaches insane levels like that of Taylor Swift. "I think Taylor Swift is great, but I wouldn't necessarily think, 'Oh my god, I have to be friends with her,'" she says. "When I meet fans, they're quite creative and intelligent, kind, sensitive. Some are old ladies, witch doctors from Louisiana, kids that have just left art school. Gay or lesbian couples, straight middle-aged couples."

Outside of music, FKA twigs says she lives a very traditional life and wants to to get married and have babies. The singer adds that she wants to create music to inspire her future children, and hopefully, her future grandchildren.

"I just like working hard and learning things. I do this because I want my children to have a nice life, and I want my children's children to have a nice life," she says. "And I want my grandkids to be proud of what I've achieved. And I want to be a role model, but not for the world. I don't mind about that - that'll come or it won't come."

Paper magazine's "Nowstalgia" issue, featuring FKA twigs on the cover, is on newsstands now. You can read the full interview at Papermag.com.

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