Fetty Wap is in top form on his new cut "Aye," off his forthcoming album King Zoo.

The song is far less poppy than the first single off his 2015 debut, but that doesn't mean it has less of a chance of becoming a huge hit. Fetty spits on about 80 percent of the track (as opposed to singing) and he talks about how life has changed for him in the last two years.

"17, we ain't playing, aye / 15 car garage, aye / Sh-- still ain't enough, aye / Bank account got the most, aye / I saved bread from the start, aye / Show money from 15, ay / Now sh--'s changed a lot, aye," he raps.

In the video, the New Jersey spitter hangs in a strip club, where the patrons look like characters from Mad Max.

For now, there's no release date for King Zoo, but you can check out the "Aye" video above.

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