On the one-year anniversary of their Culture album, Migos released their follow-up, aptly titled Culture II on Friday (Jan. 26).

Hours after its release, fans have been listening intently to the entire project. The verdict: some listeners are not happy with the LP.

Culture II is getting mixed reviews on Twitter with a lot people griping over the fact that the album is 24 tracks long. For some people, two hours of listening to the Migos is too much to bear.

"Y'all gotta tell me which songs on Culture II are the bangers so I can throw em in a playlist. I'm not listening to 24 Migos records," tweeted one user.

But the overwhelming opinion seems to be that the Atlanta trio sounds repetitive on most of their songs. Basically, Culture II sounds like Culture I.

"Migos arent bad artists. They just have one sound. It's gotten them this far but if they don't make an effective switch up or show versatility fast that's it for their career," wrote one person.

For those fans who think that the Culture II is redundant, the Huncho Jack Twitter account is asking people to stop "clout hating."

"I'm gonna label y'all clout haters, just hating so you can look cool. Culture 2 has 24 songs and AT LEAST 20 of them go crazy, don't let no clout haters kill your vibe Migos snapped especially Takeoff salute," reads one tweet.

Check out more reactions below.

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