Kanye West and Lady Gaga

Now that Lady Gaga and Kanye West have called it quits with the "Fame Kills" tour, fans are left with refunded tickets and squashed hopes of ever witnessing the duo swap verses on 'Make Her Say.' Let's face it: They were an odd pairing to begin with, but both guaranteed to bring cinematic extravagance and drama for concert-goers ("I'ma let you finish," ring a bell?). Since all fell down with this tour, The BoomBox tossed around the idea to recruit a new hip-pop team to keep the ticket sales rolling in. Check out five unlikely collaborations that could kill it (or each other) onstage.

1) Ghostface Killah and Pink

If Def Jam had it their way, they'd like to see former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon headline the show alongside the Wu-Tang affiliate, considering she sang the hook on "I'll Be That," a record off his latest effort, 'Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in the Emerald City.' But according to Ghost, he'd rather collabo with pop singer Pink. The rapper revealed his fondness for the artist with the cotton candy cut to The New York Times, stating, "She don't give a [damn] about [anything]." From Beyoncé wearing fur to Kanye West stealing the spotlight, the singer's unapologetic in voicing her disgust for their actions. Looks like Ghost can respect a lady with an opinion. While he's deaded his respective beefs (e.g. 50 Cent), spitting a freestyle for fans, over Pink's track, 'You Make Me Sick,' never hurts.

2) T-Pain and Taylor Swift

Watching Taylor Swift floss flashy grills makes us cringe, but hearing the country princess kick a rhyme isn't as bad with T-Pain by her side. The two previously recorded a song and video for 'Thug Story,' this summer at the CMT Music Awards, which proves commanding the same audience is an effortless task. While most rappers refrain from making self-deprecating lyrics, the King of Auto-Tune supported "T-Swizzle" as she basked in gems like "I'm so gangsta you can find me baking cookies at night" and "You don't wanna fight me in my extra small white tee." What does this all mean, exactly? Well, for one, concert attendees will walk away with a good laugh, and two, now that T-Pain's an Auto-Tune croon away, Taylor can fend off mic stealers that much easier.

3) Kid Cudi and Lily Allen

Reason #1 to get two angst-ridden artists on a stage together: They've already threatened early retirement. Earlier this month, the UK pop tart revealed she had no plans to make another album due to the lack of money earned by recording music. But songs like Lily's 'F---You' shouldn't stop there. Wouldn't touring with America's "loner stoner" put a boost in her bank account? We think so. While it's apparent Cudi's earlier thoughts of retiring from hip-hop are a distant memory due to the release of his debut, 'Man On The Moon: End of Day,' there's no reason why the publicly troubled stars can't swap stories of intrusive Twitter followers and stalkerazzi in a pre-show monologue. After all, they've both got their sights set on acting endeavors. Practice makes perfect.

4) Sean "Diddy" Combs and Aubrey O'Day

It's not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen; we know these two hate each other. But isn't that worth stashing some cash to see whether the "bad boy" or "bad girl" comes out on top? Indeed. Since Diddy publicly pulled the Danity Kane carpet out from under Aubrey on TV last year, the tension between them has been thicker than a wad of dirty money. Moving on, his Dirty Money-a trio which includes himself, former DK member Dawn Richards and songwriter Kalenna-is helping him stay in the spotlight while she stars in a Las Vegas striptease show, "Peepshow." Looks like both may put on an equally impressive performance, but who's to judge beforehand. With all the bashing they've done on record as of late, "shots" would surely be fired at the show.

5) 50 Cent and Madonna

Two veterans in the same venue, enough said. While many could never fathom hearing The Material Girl exchange verses with a rapper whose moniker denotes cash flow, it seems only right that two musical powerhouses grace the same stage. The idea isn't as far-fetched as it seems. In 2007, 50 Cent took a break from shooting his 'Ayo Technology' video in London to visit Madonna rehearsing in a studio nearby. On camera, he revealed his special privileges. "Think that other rappers could just walk into Madonna's rehearsal?" 50 stated. "She's an old friend of mine." Makes sense for a guy who's shedding his "gangster" persona bit by bit. Who knows, after planting trees with Bette Midler earlier this year, 50 Cent could give the Queen of Pop a few cultivation pointers during set changes.

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