Between all the Ebola talk and the Isis threats, sometimes the best way to feel a sense of normalcy is to go out and party. At least that's what Faith Evans believes, which is showcased in the visuals for her uptempo feel-good song 'Good Time' featuring the rapper Problem.

The video takes place inside a club, but not the fancy-schmancy-dress-code kind of establishment; it's the kind where the drinks are cheap, the indoor temperature is sweltering and you can come as you are.

Lyrically, the Newark, N.J., songstress reminds people to get off the couch and dance a little. "Wait a minute can I get a witness, anybody understand what I'm talking 'bout / I get up in it, get your body on the floor and work it out," she sings in her distinctive voice, which contains the perfect amount of rasp.

Lil Cease and Kelly Price make appearances, and so does ex-NFL star and TV personality Terrell Owens, as he drives Faith in a classic convertible at the end of the video. The 41-year-old singer looks great too -- slender, completely fit and pretty youthful-looking.

The piano driven-track sounds like a sample from Dr. Dre's 'Still' beat, as the keys seem to bounce in the exact same way. Problem spits two nice verses with some memorable lines. "Party boy, Mr. like what's here, let's toast to the fact we made it another year / Faded with my peers, handling fears, soldiers cleared, remember cries using 100s to wipe away tears," he raps.

Faith's new album, 'Incomparable,' is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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