Just a few days into 2017 and Azealia Banks is already causing a social media commotion.

A  few days ago, the rapper took to Instagram and posted a video of her cleaning what appears to have been a closet filled with blood stains and chicken feathers. In the video Banks says, "Real witches do real things," as she takes a sandblaster to clean three years worth of blood stains and feathers. According to Banks, she sacrificed the chickens to ensure her success in the music business.

Azealia didn't stop there, she went on Facebook to post an offensive rant about the people in Brazil.

“I didn’t know they had the internet in the favela,” she said. “When are all of these third world freaks going to stop spamming my page with broken English over things they know nothing about.”

It has not been made clear by Facebook what comment made them decide to give Azealia the boot but her account has been deactivated. In true Banks fashion, she was very unapologetic about offending an entire nation.

“I’m the queen of the Internet. This stuff is all so effortless. Sheesh. How I manage to make international news from the comfort of my toilet seat is honestly beyond me,” she said.

Banks is not new to social media controversy, last year she was suspended from Twitter for tweeting a slew of racist comments against former One Direction band member Zayn Malik.

With Facebook also owning Instagram, it will only be a matter of time before the self-proclaimed "queen of the internet" is dethroned.


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