Azealia Banks was trending on Twitter for most of 2016, but this time, she’s trending for something that’s downright unexpected and very graphic.

According to the gossip blogs, Banks posted several videos on her Instagram page of herself doing some housecleaning. She then tells her followers that she's cleaning out her bedroom where she has been sacrificing chickens for three years. "Real witches do real things," she said. Banks then proceeds to use a sandblaster to scrape off the dried up blood on the wooden floors. Ewww!

Banks' followers were aghast at the notion that Banks is performing witchcraft and is mutilating chickens. Fans went on Twitter to express their shock over the video.

"At this point I am legitimately terrified of Azealia Banks," said one person. Another person wrote, "The most disturbing thing about the Azealia Banks chicken sacrifice thing is that she didn't clean it up for 3 years."

There's no question that the "212" rapper had a rough 2016. From engaging Twitter beefs to getting tossed out of Russell Crowe's hotel party for being belligerent, Banks endured a lot of L's this year.

On Banks' Facebook page, it looks like she's also making magic potion spells. Hopefully, she can conjure up a potion that will make her focus on her music career.

In any case, watch the video above and pray for her.

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