After releasing her new mixtape 'Black Friday' earlier this week, Lil' Kim surprised fans when she announced that sales had crossed the 113,000 mark on PayPal, netting her more than $1.2 million and making her the site's highest seller ever. But after some cried foul about the numbers, the Queen Bee isn't holding it against her detractors.

"I respect the haters, because haters do what they do," she told The BoomBox. "I expect haters to do [their] job, and that's cool because I'm just proving myself each time. What are they going to say about the 'Black Friday' video numbers at 2.5 million in less than 15 hours? That's not something I can make up."

The Brooklyn native chalks up the classic adage that all press is good press, and that despite the fact that PayPal representatives have denied that they keep track of overall sales, she knows the truth. "I just know that at this point, I'm successful. I've already won because the whole world is talking about me, whether good or bad," she continued. "I just feel like that's how finicky people are. They pick what they want to pick to attack. I know representatives from PayPal have spoken on the situation, so I'm cool, whatever. It don't even matter to me at this point."

Kim attributes her musical silence over the past few years to legal holds that are almost entirely resolved. She put 'Black Friday' up for sale for $9.99 earlier this week without supplying a tracklist, but promises that fans will get the bang for their buck. "I've got original records. One of my favorite songs on there is a song called 'M.O.E. (Money Over Everything).' That's one of my favorites. All of the hot songs that's out, I've just been setting the stage," she explained.

While Kim's beef with Nicki Minaj has become one of hip-hop's most talked about feuds in the past few months, some were shocked by the graphic cover art for 'Black Friday,' which depicts Minaj decapitated at the hand of Kim, who is brandishing a sword. "My fans did that artwork," Kim noted. "A couple of my fans did that, and this is how they saw the whole situation I guess. I was OK with it. I was like, I'm having fun and this is just art."

Though her 'Black Friday' mixtape is priority, Kim is already thinking about the studio follow-up to 2005's 'The Naked Truth.' In fact, she's been recording new music in her own studio for some time, and once the mixtape buzz sets the stage, she's ready to kick it up a notch.

"I have music for days. I'm always creating, and after this 'Black Friday' thing dies down a little bit, you will get more music from me," she exclaims. "Then we go to the next level, you understand me? I'm working on my album. I've been working on it for a while. We're definitely going to be gearing up to release it at the right time. We're definitely going to be dropping a single right after the 'Black Friday' mixtape. You'll be hearing new songs ... definitely."

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