For hip-hop heads who have managed to escape the influence of the addictive, rock-based world of Guitar Hero, things will take a turn for the dark side, when Activision launches its' newest platform, 'DJ Hero,' this fall. In addition to the already anticipated all-star lineup of artists, which includes the Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Activision unveiled an even more lucrative version of the game on Wednesday -- 'DJ Hero: Renegade Edition,' a collaboration between Eminem and Jay-Z.

This special edition, which will hit shelves on the same October date as the standard game, is titled after Jay-Z's 2001 single, 'Renegade,' featuring Eminem. Although both artists will have tracks on the standard edition of "DJ Hero," the special edition game will feature a custom "renegade," all-black metal controller, instead of the standard grey plastic controller, as well as a hard-shell carrying case that morphs into a real deal DJ stand.

And to seal the deal, the special edition game will also pack a 2-disc CD set featuring unreleased tracks from both Hova and Slim Shady, who made a now-explained appearance together at Activison's E3 party back in June. So far, 'DJ Hero: Renegade Edition,' will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii and will likely run between $150-$200.

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