In addition to speaking on her upcoming single and full-length album, Elle Varner reveals in this interview on 'NiteCap With Peter Bailey' that she has created a new genre: trap jazz.

What exactly is trap jazz, you ask? Let's have 24-year-old Los Angeles singer break it down for us:

"Trap jazz is one of the genres I've created out of making this album. I was also talking about trap motown, and it's just happening that way. It's how I sing and that's how I write, but the beats are crazy."

Got it. She adds that the album, which has a working title of 'Four Letter Word,' is going to be a problem, partially because she's so proud of it and feels liberated this time around.

Varner also speaks on how much she would love to work with Andre 3000, whether or not soul music has been missing, and much more. You can watch the interview below.