On her debut single, 'Only Wanna Give It to You,' emerging R&B singer Elle Varner -- one of TheBoomBox's '15 Artists to Watch' -- tells some lucky dude that she wants him "more than a new pair of shoes." Now that there's a video to go with the tune, it's clear why that's such a come-on.

In the brand new clip, directed by Orson Whales, Varner reveals herself to be quite the fashionista, rocking brightly colored retro blazers as she shops for high heels and high-tops to complement her '90s-style wardrobe.

After she finishes perusing the racks, the singer cruises around with friends in a yellow Jeep and kicks it with dudes rocking fades, old-school track jackets and gold dookie chains.

Toward the end of the video, ubiquitous hip-hop riser J. Cole shows up and professes his love for Varner, whose 'Perfectly Imperfect' album -- due out later this fall -- is bound to win her plenty more admirers.

"Girl, you make me wanna settle down with you," Cole raps, "get a crib with a view/ Lay up in the bed, make a kid, maybe two."

Watch Elle Varner's 'Only Wanna Give It to You' Featuring J. Cole
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