Elle Varner is beginning to show the hard work she's put into her sophomore effort, 'Four Letter Word,' with the release of a new song, 'Cold Case.'

Last summer, the singer began to talk about her sophomore album and billed the musical stylings as "trap jazz." Upon yesterday's release of 'Cold Case' on her SoundCloud page, it's apparent she wasn't lying.

The track opens up with a monologue by Elle. She starts off hopeful and ends less than that with a screw effect. "Love is such a beautiful thing, so f---ing beautiful. Especially in the beginning when everyone is so happy and so honest and so real and loving and affectionate, and there for you and not cheating on you and not fucking some other bitch," she says.

The music is definitely trap-inspired with patterned and distorted ad-libs. Elle's jazz-centered riffs are evocative as she tries to solve the unsolvable. "I'm going to find the answer to this mystery," the 25-year-old Los Angeles native coos.

Listen to Elle Varner's 'Cold Case'