El DeBarge has been absent from the music scene since his 1994 album 'Heart, Mind and Soul' but the 'Rhythm of the Night' singer has returned this summer with his latest album 'Second Chance.' El DeBarge told The BoomBox that on the verge of releasing his comeback album -- after several run-ins with the law and a two-year prison stint for crack cocaine possession -- he was careful to re-introduce himself with the album's title track, which gives fans some insight on his current state of mind.

"I've been given a second chance because of the grace of God and I want to tell my story as best I can -- of the triumph of the human spirit, of my joy and my pains," DeBarge explained to The BoomBox. "I've been given a second chance so I wanted to put that out there first and just show my fans where I'm at now. Before you hear anything else from me, let's just start with that."

According to the 49-year-old singer, both the song and the album are a celebration of his return to R&B and the opportunity to make music again. "I believe that this album is a testament and in the future will be commemorative of my second chance. My second chance is even being able to do this album," he said. "The video for 'Second Chance' is just me at the piano and it took place in downtown Los Angeles, where we were around people who we felt were looking for a second chance. The world as a whole is looking for a second chance and we tried to put that feeling into the video."