TMZ reports that DeBarge was nabbed at 2PM in Encino, Calif. Cops caught the singer near the city's 101 Freeway. He was arrested for possession of narcotics with intent to sell -- the kind of drugs DeBarge had on him have not been disclosed.

The 50-year-old Detroit native was brought to a nearby jail, booked and released on $30,000 bail. He is due in court to face the charges against him in April. This arrest marks the third time El DeBarge has been arrested for drug possession since 2001.

DeBarge attended the 54th Annual Grammy Awards earlier this year -- he was nominated for an award in the Best R&B Album category for his 2010 LP, 'Second Chance' -- where he spoke with The BoomBox about his battle with addiction.

"Drugs are a very strong, outside aggression," he told The BoomBox. "That's what it is. It attacks leadership and it just attacks things and it gives you a challenge that you really don't want to have but you have to be strong and we all have the strength. I thank [former Geffen Records Chairman] Ron Fair for teaching me that."

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