OFWGKTA tangles with the Funk Volume crew once again.

When the Odd Future hype machine first started churning, we were intrigued by Tyler and definitely blown away by OF’s not-so-secret weapon, Earl Sweatshirt. Wreaking multi-syllabic havoc with his intricate flow and vile lyrics, Earl came back from a Samoan hiatus with a refined style, more personal subject matter and a dope album named ‘Doris.' And he’s only getting started. Releasing music through his Tan Cressida label, which is distributed by Sony, Earl is also poised to make boss moves.

Hailing from Las Vegas by way of Flint, Mich., Dizzy Wright’s been “independent living” since signing with Hopsin’s Funk Volume in 2011. The introspective spitter can talk trash and get turnt up with the best of them. His versatility gives him the potential to be a breakout star.

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