The rap world is notable for producing slang that becomes a staple in the American lexicon, and a few emcees are making it their duty to document their unique phrases., a site devoted to teaching users how to learn vocab words and English phrases, has enlisted Bay Area's E-40 and Tech N9ne to participate in its Celebrity English Lesson series to define bits of slang.

In E-40's instructional video, the emcee defines his most recent album titles 'Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift' and 'Night Shift,' discussing additional phrases during his interview. "I got a lot of phrases as well, but what I've been working lately is 'for the energy,'" explained E-40 in an instructional video. "Just for the charge of situations. Just a boost of energy off top."

Meanwhile, Strange Music's Tech N9ne defines "far out," the title of a song on his recent LP 'The Gates Mixed Plate.' "I'm totally far out when it comes to my flow. We're all far out, with the way we think. We think way far out of the box," he states. "So I guess it's totally thinking outside the box. Like, far out is."

Additional musicians who contribute grammar lessons on the site include Gwar, Insane Clown Posse and Sheryl Crow.