After years of bubbling under the mainstream radar, Toronto rapper Drake rocketed to stardom with the release of his acclaimed 'So Far Gone' mixtape, a co-sign from Lil Wayne and his platinum-selling album 'Thank Me Later.' Now, about a year later after his debut, Drake has been relatively quiet but may have just revealed a new song title off his forthcoming effort.

All we know is that his sophomore album will be called 'Take Care' and Drizzy has dropped some hints about the new music he has in the pipeline, via Twitter. On April 27, Drake tweeted, "Got a single ... yea b---- a sinnnngle ...," from his @drakkardnoir account.

No new music was forthcoming, but then early Friday (May 6) morning, the YMCMB rapper tweeted, "The Calm ... The Resistance ... The Ride."

Devoted Drake fans will recognize that 'The Calm' was a song on 'So Far Gone' and that 'The Resistance' was a song appearing on 'Thank Me Later.' Some deductive reasoning would lead us to believe that 'The Ride' is the name of a new Drake tune we should be hearing sooner than later.

Other news about Drizzy's next album has been sparse at best. Soulja Boy detailed that he is working with Drake on a contribution to the album. In April, Drake revealed to MTV News that he passed on a role in the forthcoming 'Arbitage' film, with Susan Sarandon and Al Pacino, to focus on his new music. Also, Drake shelved his planned R&B mixtape called 'It's Never Enough.'

There is no release date for 'Take Care' at this time.

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