Not only Drake is winning in the world of music, but the Toronto rap star is making great strides in the liquor business. Drizzy’s liquor brand, Virginia Black Decadent American Whiskey, has broke the single-day launch sales, according to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), a board that handles the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Toronto.

According to the Toronto Star, the whiskey, which was released on Sept. 30, moved 1,779 bottles at 220 stores at $39.95 a pop. Since its release, 4,650 bottles have been sold in a week. That’s a lot of drunk Drizzy fans.

All jokes aside, a rep for the LCBO announced that Drake’s whiskey release was “the best launch day for a single spirits product that LCBO has had in recent memory.”

Virginia Black Decadent American Whiskey is a partnership between Drake and Los Angeles-based spirits maker Brent Hocking, known for his DeLeón Tequila. The whiskey is being promoted as a "redefine whiskey” with “glamour, swagger and soul.”

It's unclear if the popularity of the whiskey will continue to rise or take a nosedive after the novelty period wears off. But if Drake continues to promote it on his social media accounts, we think the liquor will continue to see brisk sales.