Fans looking to get their "Drake fix" before his debut album drops won't have to wait much longer. The Canadian rapper announced the re-release of his 'So Far Gone' mixtape. Although originally given away for free, the re-released version will feature three new songs.

"I did this song that no one has ever heard before, ever," he said in an interview. "[It's] a song called 'Fear.'I recorded it when I did So Far Gone-the first verse and half of the second verse I had gotten through. But then I just stopped because it was getting eerie. It was getting where I didn't know if I could [finish]. Then the other night I had a moment and I finished the song. That's [going to] be the last song on the retail [version of] 'So Far Gone,' and the third verse transitions into 'Thank Me Later.' So the last line of the third verse is [going to] be the first line on my album."

Billed as an album that will transition fans into his debut the record will include his current hits, 'Successful' and 'Best I Ever Had.' According to Drake, the songs on the mixtape were never meant to be part of his debut because they wouldn't have "had the same impact."

'So Far Gone,' will hit stores September 15 while his forthcoming debut 'Thank Me Later,' is due out later this year.