Drake has caught wind of the news that a West Coast woman tattooed his name boldly across her forehead and the 25-year-old Young Money rhymer is speaking out about the body art, blasting the artist. Last week, The BoomBox reported that the Los Angeles tattoo artist who gave the woman the ink said she appeared to be on some kind of drugs during the session.

"I want to meet her and understand what happened," Drake told radio personality Mando Fresko. "That to me is incredible."

The 'Take Care' creator seemed to be impressed with the fact that a fan would go to the extremes of inking herself with his name, however, he was less than thrilled with Kevin Campbell, the tattoo artist who put it on her forehead.

"The guy who tatted it is a f---ing a--hole, though. I will tell you that," he stated while looking at a photo of the woman on Mando's phone. "I don't f--- with that guy. F--- you to that tatt artist by the way, 'cause you're an a--hole for real. And you should lose your job and you should never do tattoos again... If I ever see you, I'm gonna f--- you up."

During the interview, the rapper, who just released his video for 'The Motto' featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga, had to put down the phone and stop looking at the Drake tattoo on her forehead because it was "so surreal."

UPDATE: The Insider reports that Kevin Campbell went to Twitter in response to Drake's threats. "Please say that Drake actually wants to f--- me up. I will totally fight Drake. One on one," the tattoo artist tweeted.

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